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Choosing to refresh and maintain your home is simple, choosing the right colour can be challenging. Colour and feel are equally important with all spaces and investments. Colour can play different roles in our lives. It has an impact on how the neighbourhood reacts with an exterior and how family and friends enjoy spending time in a space with interiors.

Trends change, colours become dated. Knowing what works and what doesn’t can be overwhelming. Seeing undertones, envisioning colours complement or contrast doesn’t come naturally to many clients.

Eric brings decades of experience having worked in thousands of homes, seeing what works, what doesn’t.  Removing the confusion and stress from the process to help clients’ find their vision is his is true passion at Peak.   

Working with a client to get a sense of how they want their home to look and feel, finding colours that speak to them, understanding how colours change at all times of day, will help ensure that the colours chosen are the ones that will make you appreciate walking into your new space. 

What room will your personality inspire?  Let us help you.

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Tried, Tested and True Colour Collections!

Take a look at some of our favourite Benjamin Moore colour collections and get inspired for your next interior or exterior painting project.

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