Rooted in history, iconic today.

Historical Colours Collection

The Historical Collection is comprised of time-honoured colours inspired by American history and its rich architectural tradition.


Our Top Pick’s from the Historical Colours Collection

HC-172 Revere Pewter

HC-179 Platinum Gray

HC-168 Chelsea Gray

HC-166 Kendall Charcoal

Get inspired by the full Historical Colours Collection

HC-1 Castleton Mist
HC-2 Beacon Hill Damask
HC-3 Greenmount Silk
HC-4 Hawthorne Yellow
HC-5 Weston Flax
HC-6 Windham Cream
HC-7 Bryant Gold
HC-8 Dorset Gold
HC-9 Chestertown Buff
HC-10 Stuart Gold
HC-11 Marblehead Gold
HC-12 Concord Ivory
HC-13 Millington Gold
HC-14 Princeton Gold
HC-15 Henderson Buff
HC-16 Livingston Gold
HC-17 Summerdale Gold
HC-18 Adams Gold
HC-19 Norwich Brown
HC-20 Woodstock Tan
HC-21 Huntington Beige
HC-22 Blair Gold
HC-23 Yorkshire Tan
HC-24 Pittsfield Buff
HC-25 Quincy Tan
HC-26 Monroe Bisque
HC-27 Monterey White
HC-28 Shelburne Buff
HC-29 Dunmore Cream
HC-30 Philadelphia Cream
HC-31 Waterbury Cream
HC-32 Standish White
HC-33 Montgomery White
HC-34 Wilmington Tan
HC-35 Powell Buff
HC-36 Hepplewhite Ivory
HC-37 Mystic Gold
HC-38 Decatur Buff
HC-39 Putnam Ivory
HC-40 Greenfield Pumpkin
HC-41 Richmond Gold
HC-42 Roxbury Caramel
HC-43 Tyler Taupe
HC-44 Lenox Tan
HC-45 Shaker Beige
HC-46 Jackson Tan
HC-47 Brookline Beige
HC-48 Bradstreet Beige
HC-49 Mayflower Red
HC-50 Georgian Brick
HC-51 Audubon Russet
HC-52 Ansonia Peach
HC-53 Hathaway Peach
HC-54 Jumel Peachtone
HC-55 Winthrop Peach
HC-56 Georgetown Pink Beige
HC-57 Sheraton Beige
HC-58 Chippendale Rosetone
HC-59 Odessa Pink
HC-60 Queen Anne Pink
HC-61 New London Burgundy
HC-62 Somerville Red
HC-63 Monticello Rose
HC-64 Townsend Harbour Brown
HC-65 Hodley Red
HC-66 Garrison Red
HC-67 Clinton Brown
HC-68 Middlebury Brown
HC-69 Whitall Brown
HC-70 Van Buren Brown
HC-71 Hasbrouck Brown
HC-72 Branchport Brown
HC-73 Plymouth Brown
HC-74 Valley Forge Brown
HC-75 Maryville Brown
HC-76 Davenport Tan
HC-77 Alexandria Beige
HC-78 Litchfield Gray
HC-79 Greenbrier Beige
HC-80 Bleeker Beige
HC-81 Manchester Tan
HC-82 Bennington Gray
HC-83 Grant Beige
HC-84 Elmira White
HC-85 Fairview Taupe
HC-86 Kingsport Gray
HC-87 Ashley Gray
HC-88 Jamesboro Gold
HC-89 Northampton Putty
HC-90 Crown Point Sand
HC-91 Danville Tan
HC-92 Wheeling Neutral
HC-93 Carrington Beige
HC-94 Old Salem Gray
HC-95 Sag Harbour Gray
HC-96 Richmond Gray
HC-97 Hancock Gray
HC-98 Providence Olive
HC-99 Abingdon Putty
HC-100 Gloucester Sage
HC-101 Hampshire Gray
HC-102 Clarksville Gray
HC-103 Cromwell Gray
HC-104 Copley Gray
HC-105 Rockport Gray
HC-106 Crownsville Gray
HC-107 Gettysburg Gray
HC-108 Sandy Hook Gray
HC-109 Sussex Green
HC-110 Wethersfield Moss
HC-111 Nantucket Gray
HC-112 Tate Olive
HC-113 Louisburg Green
HC-114 Saybrook Sage
HC-115 Georgian Green
HC-116 Guilford Green
HC-117 Hancock Green
HC-118 Sherwood Green
HC-119 Kittery Point Green
HC-120 Van Alen Green
HC-121 Peale Green
HC-122 Great Barrington Green
HC-123 Kennebunkport Green
HC-124 Caldwell Green
HC-125 Cushing Green
HC-126 Avon Green
HC-127 Fairmont Green
HC-128 Clearspring Green
HC-129 Southfield Green
HC-130 Webster Green
HC-131 Lehigh Green
HC-132 Harrisburg Green
HC-133 Yorktowne Green
HC-134 Tarrytown Green
HC-135 Lafayette Green
HC-136 Waterbury Green
HC-137 Mill Springs Blue
HC-138 Covington Blue
HC-139 Salisbury Green
HC-140 Prescott Green
HC-141 Hollingsworth Green
HC-142 Stratton Blue
HC-143 Wythe Blue
HC-144 Palladian Blue
HC-145 Van Courtland Blue
HC-146 Wedgewood Gray
HC-147 Woodlawn Blue
HC-148 Jamestown Blue
HC-149 Buxton Blue
HC-150 Yarmouth Blue
HC-151 Buckland Blue
HC-152 Whipple Blue
HC-153 Marlboro Blue
HC-154 Hale Navy
HC-155 Newburyport Blue
HC-156 Van Deusen Blue
HC-157 Narragansett Green
HC-158 Newburg Green
HC-159 Philipsburg Blue
HC-160 Knoxville Gray
HC-161 Templeton Gray
HC-162 Brewster Gray
HC-163 Duxbury Gray
HC-164 Puritan Gray
HC-165 Boothbay Gray
HC-166 Kendall Charcoal
HC-167 Amherst Gray
HC-168 Chelsea Gray
HC-169 Coventry Gray
HC-170 Stonington Gray
HC-171 Wickham Gray
HC-172 Revere Pewter
HC-173 Edgecomb Gray
HC-174 Lancaster Whitewash
HC-175 Briarwood
HC-176 Annapolis Gray
HC-177 Richmond Bisque
HC-178 Charcoal Slate
HC-179 Platinum Gray
HC-180 Cliffside Gray
HC-181 Heritage Red
HC-182 Classic Burgundy
HC-183 Country Redwood
HC-184 Cottage Red
HC-185 Tudor Brown
HC-186 Charleston Brown
HC-187 Black Forest Green
HC-188 Essex Green
HC-189 Chrome Green
HC-190 Black
HC-191 Hamilton Blue

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